CESSDA PPP is a completed project. These web pages will not be updated.

This survey is closed. Thank you for participating. 

CESSDA PPP launches comprehensive survey of data archives.

As part of the ongoing work of the PPP, we would like to invite interested organisations to complete the survey below.

The survey is designed to assess the extent of differences and similarities between data archives. Whilst the majority of responding organisations will be members of CESSDA, we are also inviting responses from other organisations that archive or disseminate data for research purposes. We are particularly interested in hearing from organisations that may wish to consider establishing or strengthening links with CESSDA.

The survey will take time to complete as it seeks to capture wide-ranging and detailed information about the structure of archives, training needs and availability, procedures, relations with depositors, preservation, rights management, indexing and cataloguing.

The results will contribute to decisions about how CESSDA will be enhanced to provide improved services for researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

The CESSDA PPP Survey Questionnaire in PDF format