CESSDA PPP is a completed project. These web pages will not be updated.

Follow-up survey to the CESSDA PPP survey of data archives

Following the 2008 survey of CESSDA members, a supplementary survey was produced in order to collect further information for the work of WP4 (Controlled Vocabularies), WP10 (Data collection, access and dissemination issues) and WP12 (Technical Support).

More specifically:

  • WP4 related questions gathered additional information for T4.9: the investigation into the desirability of translating DDI fields in existing CESSDA catalogue records into English, and to investigate other options.
  • Further to the main survey, WP10 requested information on any subsequent changes to licensing conditions that had occurred/were being planned.
  • WP12 sought more detailed information on the causes behind the creation of new versions or editions of a study and how updates to studies are managed. This information fed into work on further development and Persistent Identifiers.

This survey closed on 27 March 2009.